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Michael Reid

Web Master Web Designer & Developer

Bachelor Information Technology (Ecommerce) Diploma Applied Science (Agriculture) Hi, I am a freelance web designer/developer loosely based on the far north coast of NSW Australia. My mobile web design studio is a converted Toyota Coaster bus. I could be in a town near you. I create themed web sites/blogs and offer them as ‘Web Development Partnerships’. I also develop client web sites under a the same ‘Development Partner’ arrangement. Client web site themes must meet my personal, ethical and environmental standards.

Demo Site Portfolio

My Design Portfolio represents business/blog themes that interest me. Most themes are of a sustainable, environmental or social justice nature. I offer them to interested persons under the ‘use now pay later’ business partnership/lease arrangement. If a project theme is of particular interest to you please contact me for more information, I am always happy to provide more information to interested persons. All design elements of all demos are optional. If you are interested in a particular theme and do not like the existing design or layout, no problem, I can redesign it to your specifications. Only the domain name and the ethical business framework is non-negotiable.