Demo Site Only

Demo Site Only

This site has been published for demonstration purposes only. The site includes the main elements of the theme being offered as a development partnership. Please return later to view the fully developed site. Thank You

About This Blog Theme

This blog would suit anyone with a serious interest in Australian sustainable agriculture. The site attempts to define what sustainable agriculture is and then provides relevant and up to date news and case studies to highlight the importance of sustainable agricultural practices in an regional, national and global context.

Development Partners Wanted

This demo site/blog is one of a portfolio of sites being developed by Mike Reid Web.

Each site requires partner developers to provide relevant and high quality content to help generate site traffic. Mike Reid Web will provide at no cost, the web site, domain name, content management, site development, search engine optimization, site hosting and mentoring services.

Development partners will be expected to inject their own funds to create a business model to generate personal income streams. Mike Reid Web will employ search engine optimisation strategies and provide software development services to facilitate the business model proposed. Any revenue generation initiatives must be consistent with the ethical guidelines outlined on the Mike Reid web site.

Once income streams have been established, Mike Reid Web will introduce modest fees for their web services. After a qualifying period 85% ownership of the web site will be transferred to the development partner.

Possible Business Model

The site could provide basic information in each topic area with an option to subscribe to access the full content. Alternatively the site could provide basic information for each topic and then offer paid workshops, tours, publications, media or online tutorials. Either business model could be supplemented by selling advertising space to the many industries involved in the production and marketing of sustainable agricultural products.